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About Me

I’m Tariq Seksek, but you probably know that by now. I’m a blogger, entrepreneur-ish – big on web, mobile and startups from the MENA region. I have worked with a number of top digital agencies in the MENA region in the past and in 2010 decided to venture out on my own and setup a digital agency based in Dubai, UAE with offices in Amman, Jordan and so far things have been going good. Surprisingly our client list is quite impressive, didn’t mean to do that when we first set out to develop websites and mobile applications, but it somehow just¬†happened.

So here’s the thing, I usually write on Interactive ME, but sometimes I want to write about things that are not really relevant to that blog (i.e. in online or social media) and wanted a place to write my own thoughts whether they’re related to what I do, or just the random thoughts that I come across and that is why I decided to have my own personal blog/portfolio.

Dramatic, I know! That’s why I think the video below is suitable: