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Meet Mr. Tarik the One Name Wonder!

Mar 26, 2013 by     No Comments    Posted under: Random
Mr Tarik the one name wonder

Who needs second names??

Yesterday marked a very important milestone for me, if you’re guessing my first public speaking opportunity as a panelist you are wrong! I’m of course talking about my rise to fame, yes you’ve heard of a lot of people (or celebrities) that only use one name with the likes of Seal, Pele, Madonna, Mclovin, and so have I been added to that list of the selected few.

Enter “Mr. Tarik”, now I first saw the event agenda when I arrived to the conference which was held at the Address Dubai Mall on March 25th, 2013 and thought to myself WTF? The absence of my last name was annoying but what really got me was that they spelt my first name wrong!! By the way its spelled Tariq with an (IQ) I can’t stand when people misspell it especially via email when they have my name repeated so many times but that’s a discussion for another day.

But after a few minutes, I looked on the entire list and everybody had their full names on it except me, which made me think hold on I’m the only speaker that has some sort of differentiation that and a comment from facebook ignited the thinking “One Name Wonder” which in all honesty intrigued me!

All in all the conference was pretty good, I was there representing my companies Interactive ME and Yan Digital on a panel discussing Social Media strategies, now I’ve said this many times on my other blog Interactive ME that by no means do I consider myself a social media expert, although having worked in the online and digital field I do have good knowledge about the subject and I regularly stay up to date with whats going on, but I’m pretty sure there are other people in the field who have more knowledge about this kind of stuff then myself.

Check out some pictures from the panel:

Tariq Seksek panelist at cetme2013

That’s me on the far left

Tariq Seksek panelist at cetme2013

Check out that sick suit!

Now I think I did alright, except one question from the crowd which really got all of us panelists kind of nervy, it was a very broad and difficult question that really required a long debate, I tried to ditch the answer but somehow one of the panelist threw it back to me, and I was like: F@*k! So I did what any person stuck in a hard spot would do, and asked the person to explain the question again! Still that didn’t help, so I kind of gave a very open ended answer which technically answers the question but doesn’t really give any detail (so you could say I BS’d him) and quickly shut it down. I should’ve done what one of the other panelists did and just stay quiet, but hey you live and learn.

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