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Trix Calculator

Dec 3, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: Projects

Trix Calculator Screenshot

The Trix Calculator was the first application we developed under Apperji, and gave us a hugh insight on designing and developing on mobile and touch devices. The free application also has been rather successful with over 50+ K downloads on the Appstore.

I do have to admit, the design is due for an overhaul and the app can use a couple of updates, but still we’re very proud of our first baby and it opened doors for us to work with other big names in the region.

A funny story about this app, is that it was actually copied entirely (even used the same colors and fonts) by some other crook company trying to pass it off as their own for the Android, the problem is that they actually copied it with the flaws that we wanted to fix. We’re in the process of contacting Google for copyright infringement and requesting them to remove the app from the andriod marketplace. If you’re going to copy something make sure its working as it should be!

If you’d like to download it for free you can do so from here.

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